About The News Spy


The News Spy took time to build, and finally, years of hard work by the passionate and dedicated team paid off.

News Spy started out simply enough and the idea grew. It was based on a premise by the founders that if commodities like gold continue to grow why aren't the people investing them?

It was a long-term strategy not being used by the average person, and they wanted to know why and how to change it.

To begin with, it started out as a social experiment. Interviews were set up by the founders using questionnaires closely related to the investment industry. Questions were aimed at average people so the information they needed would be relevant.

Graph on Tablet

The expectation was that people weren't investing because they felt that they couldn't afford it. However, the outcome turned out to be entirely different.

The people said that money wasn't the issue, but more a lack of availability due to the shortage of trading platforms. The people also felt a lack of education around trading as they didn't know how to invest.

To the founders, this was an opportunity, as the selection of trading platforms on offer, weren't giving what people wanted, and putting together some education around trading and establishing some new platforms was the next step.

Recruiting a Team

The small initial experiment turned into something bigger, as it worked towards making trading accessible to all. People were being turned away from trading platforms basically because they needed help to trade. It became evident that they needed to develop a platform that could be easily accessed by all, This is how News Spy came about. The founders, of course, had both experience and knowledge of the trading world, but not all of them understood programming. So the next step was to put a development team in to bring the concept of The News Spy to life.

They soon found that there was no shortage of programmers who loved the idea of The News Spy and had strategies to bring it to life. The founders then realized that their plan was achievable.


However, the development of the plan was difficult and long. A functioning team had to be built, and the right algorithms planned to make the program work. This meant splitting the team into two. One totally technically focused on the trading algorithm development, and the other on the upfront promotion of The news Spy.

The split decision was of great benefit with all workers focused on their specific goals and objectives. This meant that the goals were achieved faster due to the expertise of the workers in their given areas. Once a beta version of The News Spy became available, testers were brought in to trial the performance.

Final Stretch

After the first test, updates were rolled out along with other initiatives that would improve the user experience. This took longer than expected using up most of 2019 fine-tuning the development. By 2020 the launch was planned, and then the pandemic hit. The process slowed again, as nothing could proceed during the lockdown.

However, another opportunity was created when development moved entirely online, allowing everyone to continue to work. Finally, The News Spy platform is operating efficiently and available to the public who will now have a strong understanding of what it entails.

There are still things to be done to optimize The News Spy and to get as many people into trading as possible, as that goal hasn't yet been reached. So if you are thinking of learning to trade, now is the time to start your journey and to learn along the way.

We weren't discouraged by the pandemic or working from home, as it opened new doors for us and allowed creativity to flow.

Our online community is growing, and we have feedback from the public that heightens our commitment.